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Modern Day Wizards

Our team of Paid Traffic Advertising Wizards help your business Create, Manage and Optimise Social Media Advertising

Get the Results You Want

What exactly do we do? We handle all of your social media advertising from ad creation all the way through to campaign optimisation.

Let us handle the day to day grunt work associated with effective & optimised advertising. Then simply wait for us to bring you incredible results.

Engaging Ad Creation

We work with you to combine our industry experience with your tone of voice to create ads that speak to your ideal customers

The start of any good ad campaign is creating quality, engaging ads..

This is where so many businesses go wrong, when they're creating their ads they don't produce "thumb stoppers". In our world of constant scrolling you have mere seconds to engage your viewers so you have to grab their attention 

We do the hard work creating your ad campaigns so that you can target as your ideal customers at the lowest possible prices.

The backend of an ad campaign is where the magic really happens. Here we handle all of the setup, management and tweaking of your ad campaigns.

Setting up and maintaining campaigns correctly is the difference between blowing all of your ad spend for nothing & getting surreal returns.

Great, you've created your ads!
Now here's the hard part, effective ad campaigns..

Ad Campaigns That Get Results

We Over Communicate!

We never leave you in the dark.

After we start running your ad campaigns all you have to do is attend the weekly reporting calls. Here we will run through the weekly results, discuss strategies moving forward and approve new ads.

As well as the calls we:

  1. Send video updates at the start of each week

  2. Write & send a mid-week update

  3. Give access to a reporting sheet with all of your historical data, updated weekly

Of course its up to you if you check all of that..

Our Ethos

We're a young, eager and ambitious agency that strives to exceed any and all expectations.

Despite being founded in Sydney, Australia our team members are based all around the globe. We're an agile agency that believes in operating entirely online

We operate with the sole goal of doing what is best for our clients.

Its our belief that signing with us is the start of a partnership and we treat it as such. If you lose we lose, we're in this together

Hard Work

We strongly believe that there is nothing that guarantees success like hard work. We take this attitude to everything we do; creating your ads, managing your campaigns, delivering an exceptional customer experience, everything. We put the work in and we get incredible returns as a result.


Trust & Loyalty

Trust and loyalty are our two strongest values. In fact trust and loyalty is so important to how we operate that we named the agency after Fides.

We strive to build partnerships founded on trust and loyalty.



Nothing creates horrible partnerships like a lack of respect.


We ask that above everything else, you treat our team with respect. This way we can build a long lasting, highly beneficial, partnership. 

Book A Call

Below you can book a free, no-commitment zoom call where we can meet you "face to face". We're excited to get to know you and your business better and get you the advertising results you deserve 


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